Hand made quality watch straps and small leather goods

Navy blue

Hand made watch strap in navy blue leather. Hand stitched with Amy Roke thread.


This one took a bit longer to make since I filmed the whole process. Have a look

Black & Orange

Custom made watch strap in black with orange accents for Armida watch

Leather stitching awl

So, I’ve decided to make my own stitching awl. And here it is. Handle made from amaranth wood.

You can watch the making process here :


BLack with texture

Custom made watch strap in black calf with texture, Stitched with ecru French Lin Cable.

Plain black

Custom made watch strap in black calf.

Racing vintage

Custom made, rally watch strap made from our new “woodworm pattern” leather. Stitched with French Lin Cable.

Bund strap with cover v2

Prototype of a watch strap with cover I’ve been working on lately. Second version.

New leathers

New leathers I have picked up lately. Dark brown, antique, woodworm pattern and navy with texture.



Bund strap

Bund strap for vintage Zenith with fixed lugs. Slihtly padded, made from kangaroo leather.

Stone grey caiman watch strap

Hand made watch strap in nubuk stone grey caiman.