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Recent watch straps

Custom made rally watch straps 18/16 and 20/18
Black caiman 20/18
Black varan 22/20 watch strap

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Shark watch strap

Custom made watch strap from shark leather. 24/24

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Custom leather strap for Maurice Lacroix

Custom leather strap for Maurice Lacroix watch. 24/18 Butterfly buckle

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Horween Chromexcel watch straps

Horween Chromexcel watch straps. Hand made to order.

From left

111/75 20/18 3mm
120/80 22/20 3mm
130/80 22/22 3mm
135/80 24/24 3mm
130/80 22/22 6mm

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WatchFreeks givaway winner set

This is a set made to order for a winner of our WatchFreeks givaway

Dark brown 22 mm rally strap and matching simple card wallet.  And all you had to do was to read and click :)

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Wristband for small pocket watch

Wristband/wristlet for small pocket watch. Deluxe version, lined and stitched.

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Caiman watch strap with yellow stitching

Handmade caiman watch strap with yellow stitching. Hand dyed


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Horween watch strap

Horween chromexcel leather watch strap. 22/20

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Rally strap

Custom made rally watch strap 20/18

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Rally & bund

Custom made leather Rally strap 22mm and 22mm wide bund/cuff watch strap

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