Handmade leather knife sheaths, pouches, watch straps and accessories

Wallet and watch strap set

Hand made leather wallet with blue caiman and matching watch strap

Knife sheath with ammo pouch

Custom made knife sheath with ammo pouch.

Recent straps

Pocket watch wrist strap with few mods. Wide, stitched and with an extra piece of leather to secure the watch

Classic wrist strap for pocket watch

Pad for a fan of car racing. Print of his favourite tire on the leather.

Watch strap from ostrich leg. 22/22

Recent watch straps

Custom made rally watch straps 18/16 and 20/18
Black caiman 20/18
Black varan 22/20 watch strap

Shark watch strap

Custom made watch strap from shark leather. 24/24

Custom leather sheaths for Fallkniven knives

Custom leather sheaths for Fallkniven S1 and A1 knives. Multi carry options. Additional removable pouch.

Wykonane na zamówienie, skórzane pochwy na noże Fallkniven S1 oraz A1. Możliwość różnorodnego troczenia. Dodatkowe etui z możliwością przytroczenia do pochwy.

Custom leather strap for Maurice Lacroix

Custom leather strap for Maurice Lacroix watch. 24/18 Butterfly buckle

Horween Chromexcel watch straps

Horween Chromexcel watch straps. Hand made to order.

From left

111/75 20/18 3mm
120/80 22/20 3mm
130/80 22/22 3mm
135/80 24/24 3mm
130/80 22/22 6mm

WatchFreeks givaway winner set

This is a set made to order for a winner of our WatchFreeks givaway

Dark brown 22 mm rally strap and matching simple card wallet.  And all you had to do was to read and click :)

Wristband for small pocket watch

Wristband/wristlet for small pocket watch. Deluxe version, lined and stitched.