Hand made quality watch straps and small leather goods

Strap for Marina

Custom made strap from our crazy horse leather. Lined with buffalo leather, hand stitched. Paired with our original design, hand crafted buckle.

Caiman for Pam 533

Custom made strap for Pam 533. Made from our nubuck grey caiman leather. Lined with buffalo leather. With custom made buckle by Ciech.

Wykonany na zamówienie, ręcznie szyty pasek do Pam 533. Szary caiman w zamszu oraz ręcznie wykonana klamra produkcji Ciecha.

Vintage caiman for Maurice Lacroix

Custom made watch strap for Maurice Lacroix watch. Vintage brown caiman 24/18


Nubuck grey caiman

Custom made strap from our nubuck grey caiman leather. Lined with buffalo leather.

Vintage patina caiman

Custom made strap from our Vintage patina caiman leather. 22/18 135/55 lined with buffalo leather.

Card holder

Hand made leather card holder. Made from buffalo calf leather.

New caiman leathers

I’m excited to present you new exotic leathers in our collection. Those are caiman bellies from the best Italian tanneries. New colors available are stone grey in nubuck, mahogany vintage with patina, dark brown, light vintage brown with patina, black, azure blue and ink blue.


Tan caiman

Custom made, tan caiman, watch strap.


Goat strap for Panerai

Custom made, stone goat leather, watch strap for Panerai.

Ręcznie szyty pasek z koziej skóry do zegarka Panerai.

Black shark for Luminor Marina

Custom made, black shark, watch strap for Luminor Marina.

Ręcznie szyty pasek ze skóry rekina do zegarka Luminor Marina.