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Skiving knife

Following the hunt for perfect working tool for my purposes I made this skiving knife. While maintaining the line of small nessmuk it has narrower blade so it is easier to maneuver while working with small leather pieces.



Skiving knives for leather work

I have two knives made by Kaminari Knives. He made them to my specification (as long as the blade shape and size goes) but the finish touches were all his and I really love the rough, forged look.

Will post some testing videos soon.


Trimming knife for leather work

I made a small trimming knife for my leather work. I wanted handy, everyday use tool. This is my first knife I have ever made. Lot of fun and even more lessons learnt.

Leather stitching awl

Here is another awl I made. This one is wider, for projects that require bigger stitches.

Leather stitching awl

So, I’ve decided to make my own stitching awl. And here it is. Handle made from amaranth wood.

You can watch the making process here :