Hand made quality watch straps and small leather goods

Denim goat watch strap

Custom made watch strap in denim goat leather.

Vintage watch straps

Set of two watch straps:

Open ended and one piece zulu watch straps made in calf leather and patined for vintage looks



Pocket watch wrist straps

Custom made wrist straps for pocket watches. They come in various designs, colors and finishes.

Szyte na miarę paski do zegarków kieszonkowych


Navy brass skull

Custom made navy watch strap with hand made brass skull pin. Ideal for bronze / brass watches

Leather quilted watch strap

Something new, Leather quilted watch strap 24/22 perfect for Pam or any other big watch.

Benarus Moray strap

Custom made strap for brass Benarus Moray. Blue keeper and yellow stitching to match the dial


Maranez Talay with green Zulu

Green Zulu strap for Bronze Maranez Talay watch


Maranaz Layan with vintage green

Vintage green strap for Maranaz Layan bronze watch


Brass beads

Yet another side project in brass. Beads and pins. Meet “Woody” family

New textured leather

Introducing new leather. Veg tanned with Ineresting texture. Depending on the direction of the cut it can give different patterns. Almost like exotic leather.